When I’m working, I don’t want to hear anything.

Not music, not any noise from the fans in my computers.

Just stillness.

Linus Torvalds, Linux creator

Compulab Airtop – natural airflow desktop

Airtop is a small and silent desktop with very high performance.

The key word is silent. Not “with a specially designed fan that is very quiet”. Airtop has no fans at all, yet it can dissipate 200W – enough to cool a Xeon CPU and a professional (or gaming) graphics card. Airtop cools itself by generating airflow using no moving parts, just the waste heat from the CPU and the GPU.

Airtop is the only small desktop that can do that. We think it is revolutionary.

Airtop PC is working out quite well
for offering some beefy performance
while being completely silent without any fan.


Some Airtop facts and numbers



  • 5 year warranty


  • 4 hard disks
  • 4 antennas for WiFi / cellular


  • 3 types of extension cards: PCIe x16, mini PCIe and Compulab FACE Module
  • 3 serial ports
  • Airtop was under development for 3 years
  • Compulab submitted 3 patent applications on Airtop and on the natural-airflow technology


  • 2 Gbit Ethernet ports as default
  • 2 SIM cards
  • 2 natural airflow elements – one for the CPU and the other for the GPU
  • 2 power supplies – main and backup


  • 1 discrete graphics card
  • 1 integrated interactive information monitor on the front panel
  • 1 casing material (all aluminium)


More info about Airtop

Note: Information in the website is not yet complete (we are working on that). You may contact us with any question