The most quiet and reliable computer fan

is the one that isn’t there.

The desktop PC is part of our everyday life for over 30 years.
Unfortunately, most desktops are not designed very well. They are either bulky and unattractive or small and limited.

Airtop brings together groundbreaking cooling technology and smart industrial design.
The result is an unusual desktop that provides a unique user’s experience by:

Why aren’t we fans of fans

Today’s desktop may have 4 fans or more – one for each CPU, GPU and PSU and one or more case fans. Each of the fans makes noise, collects dust and every day moves one step closer towards the inevitable failure that is the destiny of mechanical devices everywhere. The user hopes this failure arrives later rather than sooner and does not take down the system and his precious data with it.

The opposite of FAN is NAF

NAF stands for Natural Airflow. This is the technology deployed for cooling Airtop. It generates airflow with no moving parts – only by the waste heat of the CPU and the GPU. NAF has the following advantages over fans:

  • Silent operation
  • Extremely high reliability
  • No cleaning is required
  • Comparable in size and performance to fan-based cooling

The under-the-desk desktop

When did users start hiding their desktops under the desk? And why? Is it the large size of the mini-tower? The continuous whirring of the fans? Is it the cheap-looking product finish that users don’t want to look at if they can avoid it? And maybe all of the above?

Airtop is silent, small and elegant

To allow the desktop onto the desk it has to be silent, small and elegant.
These are design goals of Airtop.

Airtop is smaller than other SFF workstations. and has a narrow silhouette. The front panel design is inspired by a hardcover-book spine and incorporates the I3M for displaying real-time system information.

  • Airtop is silent thanks to NAF design
  • Airtop is smaller than other SFF workstations
  • Airtop has an elegant and unobtrusive design

Benefit from having the desktop in sight

Airtop front panel has an integrated interactive information monitor (I3M) for displaying real-time system information like power usage, temperatures, CPU, network and disk load and much more.

An easy-to-use desktop needs to be easy to connect, easy to open and maintenance free.

  1. A desktop normally connects externally to displays, network and human interface devices, and often to peripheral devices.
  2. Inside the desktop storage, RAM and extension cards are often subject to upgrading or replacement.
  3. A monitor and a telephone do not require maintenance. A desktop without a fan (like Airtop) would not require maintenance either.

Airtop was designed to maximize ease of use.

No cable mess inside or outside

Cable mess is a major annoyance. Opening a standard desktop the first thing you will notice is all kinds of cables standing in the way.
Airtop is designed to have no cables inside. All devices click neatly into the motherboard.

Small computers too often give up internal devices in favor of external devices in order to be smaller. This creates octopus of cables and devices on the user’s desk.
Airtop has all the storage devices and extension cards inside the housing. The I/O connectors are organized along the whole edge of the rear panel – thick cables at the bottom and thinner cables at the top to reduce clutter.

Tool-free clamshell opening

Imagine replacing a hard disk in a standard desktop sitting in a compartment under the desk:

  1. Disconnect all cables
  2. Pull the computer from the compartment
  3. Open the housing
  4. Disconnect the hard disk from its cables
  5. Unscrew the hard disk and pull it out
  6. Install the new hard disk
  7. to 11. Do 5..1 in reverse order

A lot of thought was given in Airtop’s design to streamline this process:

  1. Press the top-bar to open the lid
  2. Release the disks cartridge
  3. Replace the disk in the cartridge
  4. to 5. Do 2..1 in reverse order

A similar process applies for installing RAM and extension cards.

What makes Airtop special

  • The only compact fanless PC with workstation-class performance
  • Small form factor PC with full-height discrete graphics card
  • Extremely rich I/O and built-in modularity
  • High reliability with 5 year warranty