Compulab products have been popular in the professional video surveillance market for several years, and Airtop was designed with consideration of the concrete requirements of the surveillance market, namely:

  • Reliability: Airtop has a unique fanless design based on natural airflow with no moving parts and comes with a 5 year warranty.
  • Storage: Airtop can accomodate up to 6 storage devices with a total capacity of over 10 TB.
  • Networking: Airtop supports up to 6 native Gbit Ethernet ports with an option for Power over Ethernet on 4 ports. Additional Ethernet ports can be added through PCI Express card. Airtop also supports WLAN and cellular data communication.
  • Display: Airtop supports 3 to 7 4K displays. Enough for monitoring any amount of surveillance cameras.
  • Processing power: Airtop supports Xeon E3 and up to 32 GB RAM.
  • Ease of deployment: Airtop works very well in extreme temperature range and in dusty and humid environments.
  • Serviceability: It is very easy to replace disks, RAM and extension cards in the field.



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