Natural airflow (NAF) technology

Natural airflow technology (NAF) is a design of the computer’s housing that stimulates airflow without moving parts.
NAF is operating on the stack effect. Thanks to the increased airflow NAF cools the computer much more effectively than standard convection.

Air-tubes panel (ATP)

Air-tubes panel (ATP) is the element that creates the natural airflow (NAF) effect. Airtop’s ATP is made of machined aluminum extrusion with 14 air-tubes each optimized for generating airflow and exchanging heat.

Virtual vapor chamber (VVC)

Virtual vapor chamber (VVC) is a special arrangement of flat heatpipes that effectively distributes concentrated heat (hot-spot) evenly on a large surface.  The VVC is built of a criss-cross array of flat heatpipes pressed together with direct thermal coupling between them.
In Airtop the VVC has 3 flat heatpipes, each with 24 micro channels.

Function and Connectivity Extension Module (FACE Module)

FACE Modules are extension boards that integrate seamlessly into Airtop to provide custom functionality and I/O extensions. FACE Modules are implemented with an internal extension board. The extension board is connected to the PC motherboard with a board-to-board mezzanine connector featuring standard PC interfaces such as PCIe, USB2, SATA, SMBus etc.

Compulab offers a catalog of ready-made FACE Modules with various functions. The FACE Module interface is fully documented and supported to allow 3rd parties to design their own FACE Modules.

Integrated interactive information monitor (I3M)

The integrated interactive information monitor (I3M) is a GUI system integrated in the front panel of Airtop.
I3M has the following major components:

  • An OLED display
  • Navigation keys
  • Programmable micro-controller
  • Interfaces to power and temperature sensors on the motherboard
  • Serial interfaces for communication with BIOS and operating system

The user can navigate through menus between multiple screens of the I3M that display system information, temperatures, power consumption and notifications.
I3M firmware can be upgraded.

Disks cartridge

Airflow visualization vane (AVV)