Why workstation’s user-experience is important

A desktop workstation is used throughout the working day for productivity.
The workstation’s user is a professional that needs two things to keep his/her productivity: Performance and concentration.

What is wrong with traditional workstations

Today there are two major kinds of desktop workstations:

  • The bulky and noisy tower workstation which actually does not deserve to be called a desktop since it is normally placed under the desk.
  • The small form-factor (SFF) workstation which makes compromises in storage and extension cards (half-height graphics cards only) and is still noisy.

Given the annoyance caused by current workstations, there is a trend of placing a rack-mounted workstation in the server room and placing just a VDI client at the user’s office.

How Airtop-W can transform the work environment quality

Airtop-W was designed to be a distraction-free high-performance workstation.
Airtop-W has no fans so it is silent. It packs a Xeon CPU and a full-height Quadro GPU with plenty of RAM, storage and networking capabilities to ensure performance and responsiveness. Airtop-W is smaller than all major-brand SFF workstations and encased in an elegant aluminium housing that fits nicely on any desk. In case you have to add RAM or install another hard disk the process is easy and tool-free – Airtop opens like a clamshell with a click on its top-bar without messing the connected cables.

Key benefits of Airtop-W

  • Silent fanless cooling
  • High performance with Xeon E3 V4 CPU + Quadro P4000 graphics card
  • Up to 32 GB ECC RAM
  • 6 storage devices, over 10 TB total storage capacity, RAID support
  • Dual Gbit Ethernet + WLAN 802.11ac
  • Small form factor – 7.5 liter, 10 cm width, 30 cm height
  • Tool-free clamshell opening
  • 5 year warranty