If you have an application in mind

a computer is just a container for your requirements

Deep industrial roots

Compulab has been developing embedded and industrial computers for 25 years.
Airtop was designed by the same Compulab team that develops the miniature fanless fit-PC computers since 2007.
Compulab products are integrated in thousands of products in all verticals including medical, transportation, aerospace, robotics, digital signage, surveillance and many others.

Performance, reliability and functionality

Airtop provides a unique combination of high performance, high reliability in extreme conditions and small form factor for easy integration.


  • Airtop is using a quad-core desktop CPU – the one you find in desktop mini-towers, and not the scaled down low-power embedded or mobile CPU you find in most industrial PCs.
  • Airtop can accomodate a full-height graphics card.
  • Airtop is the only mini-PC that can passively cool both.


  • Airtop has 5 year warranty.
  • Airtop has a hardened all-aluminium housing
  • Airtop is passively cooled and can operate in a much-wider temperature range than active cooling PC
  • Airtop can work reliably in dusty environments
  • Airtop has redundant power supply


Airtop is not only a mini-PC with very rich functionality. It also has vast expansion options.



Optional expansion

Storage 6 internal devices (4x 2.5″ + mSATA + M.2) 10 TB+ capacity NVMe and SSD on FACE Module
Display 2x HDMI + DP 4 displays or more using PCIe x16 graphics card
LAN Dual Gbit Ethernet Selection of networking FACE Modules

  • 4x Gbit Ethernet
  • 4x PoE
  • Dual SFP+
  • Ethernet bypass

Any PCIe networking card

WLAN 802.11ac Custom WLAN through miniPCIe (up to 4 antennas)
Mobile Two miniPCIe, each with on-board SIM card socket
Audio Optical S/PDIF + line-in + line-out Dedicated PCIe audio card
I/O 4x USB 3 + 2x USB 2

3x serial RS232

Selection of FACE modules with extra USB, serial, CANbus, GPIO

PCIe I/O card