In hot environment the long term reliability of Airtop would be higher than that of an active cooling computer.

Dust adhesion in humid climate

Dust adhesion increases significantly with humidity. In an active cooling system this results in filter clogging, dirt build-up on fan-blades and dust between heat-sink fins.

In Airtop the air flows slowly upwards through the wide air-tubes. Dust accumulation is negligible.

Dust clogging in dry climate

Hot and dry climate often involves high concentration of dust in the air. Active cooling systems suffer twice – once from inhaling dust that settles on the filters, on the fan blades and in the narrow airways of the heatsinks, and second because the hot ambient air requires increased airflow for cooling which in turn requires the fans to spin faster and increase airflow and dust accumulation.

Airtop passive cooling principle is not affected by ambient temperature. The components have a given delta-T above ambient for a given workload. If ambient is 350C instead of 250C and the CPU under the give load is 300C above ambient, it will work at 650C (550C at 250C ambient) and will keep working indefinitely.


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