Airtop has the best graphics and display capabilities of any small-form-factor PC.

  • Full-height GeForce or Quadro fanless discrete graphics card supporting 4x 4K displays
  • 3 integrated 4K displays
  • Can drive up to 7 4K displays simultaneously
  • NVIDIA 3D acceleration
  • Multiple video streams with HEVC/H.265 supports

The fact that Airtop is fanless, maintenance-free and rugged allows deploying Airtop as a powerful rich-media PC in many environments.

Airtop-G – graphics desktop for personal use

Airtop-G with GTX 950 provides excellent graphics performance as a personal computer. Airtop-G is ideal as a high-performance fanless HTPC, a PC for gaming, for video editing and much more.

Airtop-W – professional graphics workstation

Airtop-W with Xeon and Quadro P4000 exceeds in graphics performance any other SFF workstation while being silent and maintenance-free. It can handle professional CAD applications, graphics and video editing and any other graphics intensive task.

Airtop-W miniature size and high graphics capabilities make it is an excellent PC for crowded workplaces that require many displays like banks, traffic control and headquarters of any kind.

Excellent graphics together with small size and silent operation make Airtop an attractive PC for clinics, show-rooms and conference rooms.

Airtop for digital signage

Digital signage brings many requirements to the media PC (the player) – high graphics performance with video playback , support for multi high resolution display, large storage capacity, small size for easy deployment and easy maintenance to name a few.

Airtop’s high graphics performance, small and ruggedized build and the fanless operation make it an outstanding platform for digital signage applications.

The combination of high performance graphics, small form factor and silent operation of Airtop make it an ideal computer for clinics, control rooms and security centers.