You have a fancy server room,

yet, your most reliable server may be the one on your desk.

A desktop server

We take it for granted that 24/7 servers are better installed in a server-room to work reliably. How much could you save on a server that is just as reliable but can be installed in any available space, even just placed on your desk? Airtop-S is such a server. It is also small and capable as detailed below.

Airtop is designed for non-compromising reliability in 24/7 operation scenario. Compulab identified active cooling as an acute point of failure in a server that often requires designing the whole environment where the server resides to mitigate that failure. By eliminating the fans in the system deployment of the server is greatly simplified. Power, RAM, storage, networking and build quality – all are designed to ensure maximum reliability of Airtop in 24/7 scenarios. Airtop has 5 year warranty for a reason.

  • Passive cooling designed for 24/7 operation
  • RAID support
  • Multiple network ports, with wireless and cellular networking for backup
  • Power supply redundancy
  • TPM
  • Embedded grade components
  • 5 year warranty

Airtop is designed for maximum availability beyond minimizing downtime. This includes maintenance free design, redundancy in networking interfaces and management I/O, redundancy in power, the I3M integrated monitor constantly reporting system health and very quick RAM and storage replacement.

    I/O and monitoring

  • Intel vPro support
  • 3x serial ports
  • Integrated I3M display for monitoring system health
  • Networking

  • 6 Gbit Ethernet ports
  • Integrated WLAN (support for multiple WLAN adapters)
  • Support for cellular data communication with two on-board SIM sockets
  • Maintenance downtime

  • No scheduled maintenance required thanks to maintenance-free passive cooling design
  • Redundant power supply allows keeping Airtop working through backup power while servicing power infrastructure
  • RAM and storage can be changed in a matter of seconds thanks to tool-free clamshell opening and disks cartridge

Airtop is designed for more than easy serviceability. It is designed for convenience.

  • Airtop is small, unobtrusive and can be installed anywhere.
  • It requires no scheduled maintenance thanks to passive cooling design
  • Press the top-bar and Airtop opens-up for easy replacement of RAM, storage and extension cards
  • With the disks cartridge you can replace hard disks at the convenience of your desk
  • Airtop inside is cable-free. You can open Airtop for service without moving a single cable.

    Performance numbers

  • Xeon E3
  • Up to 32 GB RAM
  • Support for over 10 TB storage
  • 6 or more Gbit Ethernet ports
  • Modularity

  • PCIe x16 extenstion card
  • 2x mini PCIe cards
  • Compulab Function and Connectivity Extension Module (FACE Module)