Do we still need a desktop?

There is so much we can do today with smartphones, laptops and tablets that we may ask if the desktop is still necessary. But there are many tasks that the desktop executes much better than the alternatives.

Desktop advantages

Desktops can have higher-performance CPUs (and other system components) than mobile devices, thanks to its ability to dissipate more power.
Airtop-D excels in its ability to dissipate the power silently and reliably.
A desktop allows multiple high resolution displays and is normally installed with full size keyboard and mouse. Writing documents, working on spreadsheets and editing images and videos – all these tasks are done more effectively on the desktop.
Airtop-D can drive up to 3 4K displays and provides very high performance for its size which makes it very responsive for productivity tasks.
A desktop can be integrated into a mutlimedia setup and be connected and available 24/7.
Airtop-D is small, powerful and silent with optical S/PDIF output and 4K display support so it can be installed as the media player itself.
A desktop is designed for continuous network connection and high availability, which allows network related services that are not practical with mobile devices due to their intermittent presence on the network.
Airtop-D is designed for 24/7 silent operation allowing for unobtrusive deployment in any space.
A desktop can have significantly higher storage capacity than any mobile device.
Airtop-D can incorporate up to 6 storage devices with a total capacity of 10 TB or more.
A desktop has superior networking, much better connectivity and expansion than a mobile device.
Airtop-D has rich networking with dual Gbit Ethernet, WLAN and mobile data communication support, very rich connectivity and can incorporate up to 4 different extension cards.

Key benefits of Airtop-D

  • Silent fanless cooling
  • High performance with Xeon E3 V4 CPU + Quadro P4000 graphics card
  • Up to 32 GB ECC RAM
  • 6 storage devices, over 10 TB total storage capacity, RAID support
  • Dual Gbit Ethernet + WLAN 802.11ac
  • Small form factor – 7.5 liter, 10 cm width, 30 cm height
  • Tool-free clamshell opening
  • 5 year warranty