Wired networking

Airtop makes an excellent networking device by combining high performance with versatility of networking interfaces.

 Dual Gbit Ethernet on-board

Airtop comes with dual on-board Gbit Ethernet as a default. This is often sufficient for network redundancy and for basic routing applications.

6 Gbit Ethernet ports

Airtop can be configured with 6 Gbit Ethernet ports using FM-LAN FACE Module with 4 Gbit Ethernet ports.
This allows deploying Airtop as an advanced router, gateway or network server.

Note: Up to 6 additional Gbit Ethernet ports (for a total of 12) can be added to Airtop by PCIexpress card.

4 Power over Ethernet ports

Airtop can be configured with 4 PoE ports using FM-PoE FACE Module. This makes Airtop ideal as an advanced DVR for IP cameras, as an IP telephony server or for connecting multiple zero-clients.

Note: Up to 4 additional PoE ports (for a total of 8) can be added to Airtop by PCIexpress card.

Fiber optic NICs

Airtop can be installed with a fiber-optic NIC for enhanced reliability and security. A FACE Module with dual Gbit Etherent SFP+ ports will be announced soon. For more information please contact Compulab

Note: Various Fiber optic adapter cards can be installed by PCIexpress.

Ethernet bypass

You can add extra reliability to your network with an Ethernet Bypass (EBP) FACE Module.
EBP has a WAN port and a LAN port. When the PC becomes unresponsive due to software or hardware failure, traffic from both ports is automatically redirected to a secondary computer that is taking over traffic processing so the network experiences no downtime.

All Intel NICs

Airtop is using only Intel NICs and not other brands.
Intel NICs are usually preferred for professional applications, have high performance, good standard conformance and longevity.

Wireless networking

Airtop has an outstanding wireless networking support that is also extremely versatile.
Wireless networking allows network access continuity during network segment failures. Airtop can offer multiple WiFi and cellular network support.


Airtop has WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac as a standard with dual antennas support for NIC and AP modes.

Dual cellular data communication cards

Airtop has two mini PCI express slots, each with a dedicated SIM socket. This allows to connect to two cellular networks for increased bandwidth and redundancy.sim


Compulab offers a cellular modem card with GPS functionality. This is useful for positioning of in-vehicle applications and for accurate time acquisition.

Up to 4 wireless networking extension cards

Two additional mini PCIe slots can be added to Airtop using FM-XTD for a total of 4 cards.

4 SMA antennas

Airtop supports 4 SMA antennas on the rear panel for WiFi, cellular and GPS.