Airtop-M is Airtop configured for musicians.
It is a high-performance small-form-factor PC working in perfect silence 0dB thanks to the fanless no-moving-parts design.

Sometimes background noise is unacceptable

In a recording studio audio quality has to be perfect. The background noise of a computer is unacceptable. Yet, high processing power is essential for digital audio recording for anything from low-latency mixing to real-time special effects.

Normally, one would have the high-performance PC needed for digital audio recording placed in the next room.
Airtop-M is a 0dB high-performance PC that can be installed inside the studio, bringing dramatic improvement to the convenience and productivity of the musicians.

A power tool for the musician on the road

For live music performance Airtop-M has several advantages over laptops:

Airtop-M has the performance, memory and storage of a full tower PC with Xeon CPU, up to 32 GB RAM, multiple SSDs with terabytes of storage and even a graphics card. Airtop-M is more powerful than any laptop which guarantees lag-free, no-compromise performance on-stage.

Airtop-M is small enough to be carried in one hand and is extremely sturdy with an all-aluminum die-cast housing ready to take a beating and arrive in one piece and work reliabley on-stage. Airtop-M ships with 5 year warranty.

Airtop-M is always perfectly silent, 0dB silent thanks to the fanless no-moving-parts design.

Airtop-M is ideal for

  • Recording studios
  • VST host
  • Music on-the-go
  • Live performance
  • High quality music playback

Configure to your needs

Choose the CPU, amount of RAM, passively cooled graphics card, storage and extensions.
Whatever option you choose Airtop-M is guaranteed to remain silent.
Airtop-M has a disk-cartridge that accepts 4 2.5″ SSDs for practically unlimited storage space.